Top Tips for Selling Stuff on Instagram

By April 3, 2017SPUNKY TRENDS
instagram social media website
  • Make sure to enter as much relevant and useful information in the About Section of your Instagram Profile
  • Choose high quality and appealing product photos
  • Have a thorough description of the product accompanying the photo
  • Create your own personal and memorable hashtag
  • Have a convenient and safe way for the customer to pay for your product
  • Constantly post on a scheduled basis


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  • Use videos, these will help explain your product and be more engaging with your customer
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your product
  • Host competitions to increase customer participation
  • Increase your digital awareness by using other online channels, such as Google Adwords to promote your Instagram profile
  • Reply to your customers as quickly as possible
  • Hire influencers to post your products and tag you on their profiles.
  • Follow similar brands and relevant reporters/bloggers then like and comment on their posts


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