The Clipboard – Your Modern Day Essential

By April 18, 2017SPUNKY TRENDS
clipboard work design

In this modern day and age, everyone is desperately trying to use and show off the latest gadget. From VR and drones to Snapchat glasses, we all want to own that newest piece of technology. But I can assure all of you that there is nothing more high tech, contemporary and effective as the clipboard.


Retro and vintage are in at the moment and this is the definition of reinventing a classic. Nintendo have paid homage to the NES with the NES Classic Mini and now I’m bringing back the clipboard.


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It is true that nowadays, people prefer to type rather than write. It’s faster, more convenient and it’s easy to share and print electronic documents. Writing, however, is linked to improved creativity as well as enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills. Strong writing skills improve reading comprehension and hand writing notes helps retain knowledge more so than typing.


But you may ask: Why not use a tablet that you can write on such as the Microsoft Surface?


  1. The latest Surface Pro 4 will set you back at least $799 where as a top of the range clipboard will only cost you $3.
  2. If you are writing on multiple sheets of paper, you can spread them out on a table and have a clearer overview of your ideas. The tablet can only switch between sheets, causing you to be less efficient and less effective.
  3. The clipboard is more interchangeable as you have a wide-ranging selection of materials and looks. Plastic, wooden, metal, leather and the list goes on…


Look classy, be effective and keep up with the times by using a clipboard.


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