The Braille Smartwatch

braille creative design smartwatch

Dot have just released the Dot Watch, the first ever braille smartwatch for the visually impaired. This is a classy motorised smartwatch developed in Korea and is notable because it uses braille and not just indicators to mimic clock hands. This is the first time that braille has been put into motion and integrated into an electronic device. The wearer can also receive notification alerts from the watch.


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The Dot Watch case is made of anodised aluminium, which makes it lightweight at 27 grams. It is 43mm wide and 12.5mm thick. It comes with a soft leather strap (in 3 sizes) that ages with time. There is an elegant concave watch face that absorbs shock from critical falls. It has a rechargeable battery that comes with a magnetic charger and has the other features of a smartwatch such as a touch sensor, a vibration motor and Bluetooth.


The current version comes in English and Korean. Future languages planned include Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and Chinese.


Dot are not going to stop here with the Dot Watch but plan on creating more products with the dream of making every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.


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