We believe that any company, big or small, benefits from being active and standing out on social media. Our specialist team can assist from creation of accounts, to strategy planning and execution, advertisement management and content creation. Take a look at what we have to offer!


Spunky Digital will analyse your business and target suitable audiences to formulate an effective social media strategy. We understand that each business is different. We’ll analyse your market to make sure that you stand out.


Populating your social media channels with relevant and engaging content is key for your social media marketing strategy. We’ll create unique and original content that will resonate with your audience. These include images, videos, articles and more.


Your channels are all about your community. It comes down to how you communicate to them and how you engage with them. We’re pros at dealing with your clients – even the hard ones! We can manage your channels’ communications in conjunction with your team, saving you precious time.


Whist your content is key, Facebook Ads will push it to your target audience to make a real difference to your social media reach. We’ll analyze your audience and boost your content in the most effective way to attain your marketing goals.


Analyzing the metrics of your Facebook content, communications and Ads is key to maintaining a relevant and high-performing social media strategy. We’ll deliver to you frequent reports and give recommendations on what needs to be done to keep the campaign on track.


One campaign might work well, but we understand that businesses are extremely fluid and that a change of direction is often needed. We’re a fast-paced and flexible team and are ready to adapt your campaigns based on performance data and any changing goals.


There are dozens of well-known social media channels. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that each business has a different social media requirement. This is why we’ve developed knowledge and experience in managing accounts on several key platforms.


There’s plenty of choice and we know it. Our mission is to deliver results to our clients. Here’s some of the reasons why:


Each business has different aims and requirements for what they want from their social media. We're open minded to try new creative ideas that will increase your engagement and in turn drive your results.


Our packages are tailored to meet your needs and your budget. Our aim is to deliver you the most effective results. As your company grows and your requirements change, we will be there alongside you to adapt your strategy and keep you relevant.


As a relatively new company ourselves, we totally understand that it's important to keep your finances in order. We strive to deliver the highest quality services to all of our clients, big and small, at a reasonable price rate.


We're fortunate to have a team from many different backgrounds from all corners of the world. We use this diversity to try to understand as best we can the differing needs of different target audiences to implement more effective strategies.


We don't bite! We pride ourselves on our personal customer service and will happily give you the time to have a chat and discuss any areas of your campaign whenever suits you best. We're available pretty much all day, every day and we're happy to help.


If we say we'll get something done, we mean it. We'll make every effort to deliver high-quality and reliable services that will deliver results. We don't lock in long term contracts and understand that if we don't perform, we don't deserve your business. Your success is important for us.


We take our client discretion seriously, so we can’t show everyone Spunky Digital works with. However, here’s a few that we can:


To talk to us about how we can help you with your social media, leave us a quick message below and we’ll get straight back to you.