Marketing to Millennials


By 2020, it is estimated that one in three adults will be millennials. For this reason, digital marketing agencies have begun to invest a lot of their resources into understanding these millennials. Here are a few ways to target and reach this particular audience:


Make sure that everything you create, design, and do is as tailored and personalised as possible. As a customer’s digital experience becomes more personalised, the more millennials expect it to be. This is a prime way of getting this generation of consumer to engage with you and your brand.


Like and share the social media posts of other people and brands but also encourage your followers and potential customers to share your posts to increase your social media presence. You can incentivise them to share by offering rewards, discounts and goodies. This is crucial because a whopping 92% of consumers rely on recommendations from friends and family for their purchases.

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With the vast wealth of products and services out there, millennial consumers are more likely to choose your brand if they can relate and therefore create a connection. Tell your story, your background, your hopes and dreams but also tell the stories of others. Use the stories of your past clients to create a certain image of your brand that will connect to this audience.


Studies show that millennials want to help out and make a meaningful difference in this world. It will help you and your brand to greater connect with this group if they see that you are supporting social causes. Focus on causes that your target audience would be interested in.

The millennials are the future. You need to keep up and understand them in order for your brand to progress and develop. Take note.

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(Source: Retail in Asia)